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Some history on WP Attack Scanner

WP Attack Scanner was and is, a wordpress based security plug-in. Development began in 2012 with the intent of building a sort of firewall for WordPress, when not many existed at the time, while helping to block and log a variety of common attacks against WordPress. Part of this project was to also do research on these attacks, while tracking bot-nets in the process and reversing the attacks carried out by obfuscated attack methods used by said bots. There were both a free and paid for version of WP Attack Scanner plug-in, each having similar functions except one. The free version would log common attacks while the paid for version both logged and blocked the attacks with the addition of some blocklist features.

Time to retire the site

As of right now, this site is being archived. When we first released WP Attack Scanner, we were a bit naive on how to release a paid for product. In doing so, we ended up with a number of subscribers early on, one of whom stole the Plug-in, and re-branded it as their own. You can imagine how this could hinder our work, but also morale. While this was happening, I was investigating how this transpired, and what our legal rights were based on this theft of our work. I consulted a lawyer, whom I paid myself out of pocket, and she basically told me that because I hadn't copyrighted any of our work prior to release, trademarked any of it(yet), we were at the mere mercy of the Internet, but did have the right to sue for later violations if we filed for trademark and copyrights there after. I also had the option to file for discovery, and go after my suspect, which would cost more money I didn't have.

There in lied a new problem. The cost of filing for copyright and trademarks, and then going after the person who stole our product. I did file for trademark on our logo, the product name and the site, and copyright for it, which is to say, not cheap. I did not however pursue this in court, which she said, could take years and the money out of pocket, was not something I had to make this happen. Just a mere motion for discovery to be filed, and pursued would cost more than I could afford at the time. The initial cost to file wouldn't have been the issue, as much as the pursuit of this in court and fees, would quickly add up.

After that happened, we more or less stopped development, other than a few changes and updates here and there to fix some bugs. I myself kept the site up until today, July 1, 2017, which allowed downloads of the free version, and still had a few users of the paid version, whom I had ended their recurring subscription fees for a number of years ago. These plug-ins will continue to work, while paid for versions will work in a limited capacity where the central logging to our site(s) which has been off for a number of years now as well. This doesn't impeded it's ability to work, so if you still have a copy, you are free to use on your site(s), but there will be no support for the free or paid for versions, nor downloads available any longer for either of these versions.

This was a fun project. I wanted to take the time to say thank you to those of you who were early subscribers and offered feedback on improvements, and also those of you who were still downloading new copies as of July 1, 2017.

As of today, July 1 2017, this site will live solely for the purposes of protecting the name, trademark and copyright of WP Attack Scanner.

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